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Urban Collars And Cuffs
ToKon Titanium Band Collar
Strong titanium with a ridged center band and engravable slave name make this collar a unique and fashionable choice for any sla

ToKon Titanium Band Cuffs
Titanium style with rounded edge and dynamic label...a beautiful set of cuffs

ToKon Barbed Wire Collar
The ultimate in urban style...barbed wire!

ToKon Titanium Rope Collar
The strength of titanium surrounding a delicate metal twisted rope in the center

ToKon Titanium Rope Cuffs
Titanium style lockable set of four cuffs, all featuring the embedded rope in the center

ToKon Barbed Wire Cuffs
Barbed wire on all four limbs...try not to cut yourself

ToKon Bike Chain Collar
Styled after a real bike chain with a bell and D-ring

ToKon Banded Collar
Tire treaded rubber, metal trim, magnetic buckle...very modern, very chic

ToKon Banded Cuffs
Ultra-modern urban styled set of four cuffs, the perfect match to the banded collar

ToKon Bike Chain Cuffs
The matching set of four cuffs for the bike chain style


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