Lost Items Policy - Copiable Items

We realize that the general instability in Second Life and user error can occasionally result in items being lost. While we can sympathize with this issue, we cannot be held responsible for items that are lost once you have purchased them. You would not expect a real world merchant to replace an item that you purchased and then subsequently lost, so you should treat Second Life merchants with the same consideration.

Your Xcite! item was Copiable, so you should have made a copy of the item before using it.  If you did, simply start using the copy. It is strongly recommended that you make a new backup copy of the item before you start using your current backup, in case something happens to the backup.

If you did not make a copy of your Xcite! item, or if all copies of the item have disappeared from your Inventory or otherwise become unusable, go to an official Xcite! shop,
go to the Upgrade Center and click on the X4 Upgrade kiosk.  You will be handed new copies of your purchased copiable Xcite! items. If your lost item was a body part Sync the new X4 item and it will pick up the configuration you had created for your old one automatically. As long as you are not experiencing a licensing issue and assuming Second Life is not experiencing issues with delivering items or communication you should receive a new copy of your copiable Xcite! item.  Be sure to make a copy of this new item before you start using it. 

Please note you will only be able to get new copies of COPIABLE items using these methods.  If you lost a No Copy item please check here for information on how to proceed.

If you experience any problems replacing your lost copiable Xcite! item, please contact an Xcite! Staff member via IM and describe the situation.  They will provide you will instructions on what to do next.

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