Lost Items Policy - No Copy Items

We realize that the general instability in Second Life and user error can occasionally result in items being lost. While we can sympathize with this issue, we cannot be held responsible for items that are lost once you have purchased them. You would not expect a real world merchant to replace an item that you purchased and then subsequently lost, so you should treat Second Life merchants with the same consideration. We will be happy to offer what assistance we can in the form of suggestions that may help you find or retrieve your lost items, but we will appreciate your cooperation in maintaining reasonable expectations in this matter. 

Remember - inventory loss is NOT the fault of the item creator or the vendor who sold it to you.  Inventory loss is caused by instability in Second Life and affects all residents and all merchants negatively. As such, merchants are NOT obligated to replace lost items, so please treat all merchants respectfully when requesting assistance with a lost item. 

Here are some suggestions to help you recover your lost item:

If you lose your Xcite! item after rezzing it on the ground the first thing to do is turn on See Invisible mode, as many Xcite! items have a ‘Hide’ mode that may make them difficult to see. Hit Control-Alt-T to turn on (and off) See Invisibles mode. With this mode on, check the ground around where you dropped the Xcite! item - it will appear as a small semi-transparent red shape. When you find it, right click on it and select 'Take' from the Radial menu.

Search your Inventory - items occasionally do not return to the place in your Inventory where you expect them to be. This is especially true if you clear your cache or have an item auto-returned to you by a landowner. Scanning through your Inventory visually by hand is by no means a way to thoroughly check your Inventory for lost items. The best way to perform a thorough check of the contents of your Inventory is to use the Search box at the top of your Inventory window (immediately under the word 'File'.) Type a word that occurs in the name of the lost item - for example, 'cock', 'nipple', 'hud', etc. The Search feature will list all the items in your inventory that have that word in their name along with their locations. This method will also help you find items that you may have accidentally deleted.

Clear your Cache - this is useful in cases where items disappear while they are being transferred, if you do not seem to receive an item from a vendor, or if an item just seems to vanish while it is in your Inventory. To Clear your Cache go up to the Edit menu at the very top of your SL window and select 'Preferences'. Go to the 'Network' tab in the Preferences window, and then click the 'Clear Cache' button. You will need to log out of SL for the clear to take effect. When you log back in to SL use the Search feature described above, as items returned by Clearing your Cache do not always return to the spot in your Inventory where you last saw them.

Check with the Land Owner - if you think you may have dropped your item you can return to that location and look for it. Keep in mind that some Xcite! items have a 'Hide' mode which makes them invisible. To see invisible items you will need to hit Control-Alt-T - invisible objects will then show up as semi-transparent red shapes. If you still cannot see your item you can try contacting the landowner at the location where you think you dropped it and ask them to return any items on that parcel belonging to you, something they can do easily via the land owner tools. Most landowners are more than happy to assist with this.

Contact Linden Labs - use the Support tool on the Second Life website to navigate to the ‘Inventory is Missing’ section of ‘Inworld Issues’ in the Knowledge Base. This section provides Linden Lab’s official procedures for recovering lost items. If you have access to Support Ticketing be sure to submit a lost item support ticket as the Knowledge Base describes. You MUST include the following information for Linden Lab to be able to assist you: 

  • Region where the item was lost
  • Item Name
  • Your Avatar name, or the name of the Avatar that owned the item
  • The name of the item Creator (for most Xcite! items this will be either Javier Puff or Nyteshade Vesperia)
  • List the steps you have already taken to try to recover the item. (If you do not include this Linden Lab will simply refer you to a document that tells you to try most of what is mentioned above rather than help, so be sure to exhaust those options first.)
Even if the item is ultimately not recoverable Support Tickets are one way to make Linden Lab aware of exactly how many items are lost in world, which in turn may encourage them to fix the problems that continually cause Inventory Loss.

Finally, if you still do not recover your Xcite! item do not despair - contact an Xcite! Staff member and explain the situation. We will do our best to assist in getting your Xcite! item back to you. Lost items will only be replaced at our discretion. We will not replace items for which we are unable to find a purchase record. Items purchased second hand (i.e. - from someplace other than an official Xcite! vendor) will not be replaced. In the case of gift items you must provide the name of the person who gave the item to you and we must be able to verify that person did indeed purchase the item. If we cannot tie a purchase record to the item we will not be able to replace it.

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