Eligibility Table

Be sure you check the Trade In Policies document if you have any questions about whether or not your old Xcite! items are eligible for trade in.  Credit is paid to you directly as L$ only. 

How to Use This Eligibility Table

1)  Find the new item that you want to buy, or have already bought, in the first column ('What You Want to Buy').
2)  In the next column next to it you will find a listing of all the items that may be traded in for that item.
3)  In the last column you will find the amount of L$ you will get back for that specific item.

Please note
:  some items are named slightly differently than what is listed here.  If you own the Classic Ass it may be called 'Xcite! Ass' in your Inventory.  If you own the X4 Narcissus Vagina it is the same as 'X4 Genitals'. When you send in your item we will verify exactly what version you have and get you the correct L$ back for it.

What You Want to BuyWhat You Currently HaveHow Much You Will Get For Your Trade-In
X5 CockPre-X4 Genitals (including Special Editions, Classic models, X2, X3)
X4 Genitals (including all Vaginas, Cocks, Testicles)
$100L rebate
$250L + up to $200L Accessory rebate. Click here for information 
X4/X5 CombosPre-X4 Combosone-to-one 
X5 Audio PackPre-X5 Audio Pack one-to-one 
X4 GenitalsPre-X4 Genitals (including Special Editions, Classic models, X2, X3)$100L rebate
X4 NipplesPre-X4 Nipples (including Special Editions, Classic models, X2, X3)$100L rebate
X4 AssPre-X4 Ass (including Classic Models, X2, X3)$50L rebate
X4 HUDXcite! HUD Control Panel $50L rebate
X4 FeetClassic Feet $50L rebate
X4 ThighsClassic Thighs$50L rebate
X4 TummyClassic Tummy $50L rebate 
X4 Lips
X4 Fangs
All Versions of non-X4 Lips
All Versions of non-X4 Fangs
All Versions of non-X4 Gags
$50L rebate
X4 EarsClassic Ears$50L rebate
X4/X5 CombosPre-X4 Combosone-to-one
X4 Reach OutX2 Reach Out
X3 Reach Out
X4 WatersportsX2 Watersports
X3 Watersports
X4 Audio PacksOriginal Audio Packsone-to-one
ToKon 2 Loaded Owner/Slave KitToKon Slave HUD
ToKon Professional Owner HUD
$100L rebate
ToKon 2 Collar/Cuffs/BindersToKon Collar/Cuffs/Binders
Xcite! Collar/Cuffs
$50L rebate
$25L rebate
ToKon 2 Hitching PostToKon Hitching Post$25L rebate
ToKon 2 GagsClassic Gags$50L rebate
ToKon 2 BlindfoldClassic Blindfold$50L rebate
Mesh Bondage FurnitureClassic Bondage Furniture50% of the original purchase price up to 50% of the new purchase price 

Flexi-Based FloggerParticle-Based Flogger$50L rebate
Vibrators (copiable)Classic Vibrators $50L rebate 
Remote Control HUD (licensed)Classic RC HUD $50L rebate 
Anal Toy (Copiable)Classic Anal Plug/Toy $50L rebate
Current Model ItemsNon-Updatable Items of the same type50% of the original purchase price up to 50% of the new purchase price

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