About the Online Store

The Xcite! Online Store works a bit differently than what you may be used to for online purchasing in that there is no need for you to pay L$ into an account before making purchases.  The Xcite! Online store offers the full Xcite! product line so anything you can purchase at the official in-world main Xcite! Store can also be purchased from the online store.  Additionally, the Xcite! Online Store lists items which in some cases are no longer available at the Xcite! shops in-world (older versions of the Xcite! genitals, for example). Finally, shopping via website is, by nature, a lag-free, annoyance-free process.  There will never be a replacement for shopping live in-world, but it does have its advantages depending on what you are looking for.

Making a Purchase

To purchase something through the Online Store:

  1. Browse the product listing.
  2. Add items to your shopping cart by clicking the 'Add to Cart' button.
  3. Click the Checkout button when you are finished shopping, 
  4. If you are not logged in to the Xcite! website you will be asked to type in your full avatar name. If you are currently logged in to the Xcite! website you can skip this step.
  5. Visit any Xcite! Kiosk in Second Life.  Kiosks are available in both the main and Premier shops.  Additional kiosks may be found listed here.  
  6. Left click the part of the kiosk that handles payment.  A blue dialog box will appear confirming that you have an order that needs payment and reminding you of how much you need to pay to pick up that order.
  7. Right click and pay the kiosk the amount indicated.

Your order will be delivered to you. Each item will appear separately in your Objects folder in a shipping crate.  If you have a few items in the order it may take a few moments for all the items to arrive, so be patient.

Failed Deliveries

If you do not receive a purchase that you made through the Xcite! Website within a reasonable amount of time:

  • Be sure to give the delivery system a reasonable amount of time before reporting the issue. The delivery system is affected by lag and communication issues that Second Life may have at any time, so delivery can take varying amounts of time.
  • clear your cache and relog.  To do this:

    1. From the File menu at the top of your SL window select 'Preferences'.
    2. Click the 'Network' tab in the Preferences window.
    3. Click the 'Clear Cache' button in the Network window.
    4. Log out of Second Life and them log back in.
    5. Type the word xcite (or tokon if you purchased a ToKon item) into the Search box at the top of your Inventory window and check to see if the item you purchased is in your Inventory.

  • check your Transaction History to make sure that you did actually make the purchase.  Sometimes when Second Life is experiencing slowness transactions which look like they go through just do not.  You can check your Transaction History by logging on the Second Life website, clicking 'Account', and then 'Transaction History'.
  • contact an Xcite! Staff Member via IM (do not send notecards) and let them know what happened.  Be sure to copy/paste the purchase record from your Transaction History into the IM


Because no money transactions are processed through the Xcite! website and you never use your Second Life account login information to login to the Xcite! website your personal information is secure whenever you make a purchase there. No credit card, PayPal, or other real world payments are involved so no real world financial information is transferred. All payments take place through regular Second Life payment mechanisms via Linden dollars inside Second Life, so making purchases through the website is just as secure as any regular Linden transaction.

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