Change/Reset Your Password

To change or reset your Xcite! Website password:

Use Your 'Change My Xcite! Password' HUD

If you have a 'Change my Xcite! Password' HUD (one comes in the delivery folder with some Xcite! X4 and ToKon 2 products):

1.  Equip the 'Change My Xcite! Password'  HUD by right clicking on it in your Inventory and selecting 'Wear' from the dropdown menu.

2.  In the dialog box that pops up enter the password you would like to use. DO NOT USE YOUR SECOND LIFE ACCOUNT PASSWORD.

3.  Click the 'Submit' button.

Use Your X4 HUD

If you have an X4 HUD:

1.  Click the 'Sync' button on the main window of your X4 HUD.
2.  Click the Configure' button in the Sync window.
3.  Load the web page that is presented in either the SL browser or an external browser.
4.  Click the 'Account' link in the upper left part of the web page.
5.  Click 'Change Your Password'.

Visit an Xcite! Kiosk

If you do not have an X4 HUD:

1.  Visit an in-world Xcite! kiosk that features a 'Reset Password' button.  There are kiosks available in both the Xcite! main store (just inside the front entrance) and Premier store.
2.  Click the 'Reset Password' button on the kiosk.
3.  Make a note of the new password that is assigned to you via dialog box.
4.  Go to  and log in using your avatar name and the assigned password.
5.  Click the 'Account' link in the top right of the main page.
6.  Click 'Change Your Password'.
7.  Enter a new password that you will remember.  DO NOT USE YOUR SECOND LIFE ACCOUNT PASSWORD.

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