X4 Loyalty Rebate Program

To make it easier for customers to receive credit for their older X4 items when buying newer model items, we have introduced the X4 Loyalty Rebate Program.

THIS PROGRAM ONLY APPLIES IF THE ITEM YOU ARE TRADING IN IS AN X4 ITEM.  If you will be trading in older, pre-X4 items please follow the instructions found here

When an X4 owner buys a more modern model of their X4 item they can immediately receive the following rebates:

  • $250L for the new model genitals
  • $100L each for new model genital accessory (limit 2 per customer)
So for example:

If you own an X4 Genitals and you buy any model X5 Genitals you will receive $250L back.

If you then purchase Accessories for your X5 Genitals you will receive $100L back for each (limit of 2 per customer).


If you do not purchase any X5 Accessories at the time you buy your X5 Genitals not to worry…. you can still get the $250L rebate now for the Genitals, and get the $100L rebates later when you buy X5 Accessories.

(X5 Accessories include skins, piercings, cock rings, sound packs, Action sets, Kink Sets, Events Sets, Effects, etc… anything that is installed onto or worn in conjunction with your X5 Genitals.  Other Body Parts, furniture, toys, etc.  are NOT X5 Genitals Accessories. If you have a question about whether something specific is an Accessory, please send and in-world IM to Alexisnow Resident with the name of the item and we will verify it for you.)

Please note that this rebate can only apply once regardless of how many times you may have bought the X4 Genitals.

Please also note that after taking advantage of this rebate you will not be able to use your X4 Genitals for any other trade-in/rebate program, nor will you be able to return your X4 Genitals for refund unless you purchased your X4 Genitals within 30 days prior to purchasing the X5 (in which case your refund will be pro-rated for the amount of any rebates you may have received.)

To take advantage of this rebate:

1)  Purchase your new, latest model Xcite! item.
2)  Visit the Xcite! shop in-world and go to the X5 Cock section of the Shop.
3)  Find the ‘REBATES’ vendor located in that section (it is a stand-alone red and yellow vendor) and click the ‘Get a Rebate’ button.
4)  Open the web page that is presented to you. Any rebates for which you are eligible will be listed here.  
5)  Click the ‘Claim Rebate’ button next to the item you want to ‘trade in’.
6)  Click either ‘Store Credit’ or ‘Cash’ depending on how you would like to receive your Rebate.  Choosing ‘Store Credit’ will be instantaneous so that you may use it on your next purchase.  ‘Cash’ may take up to 24 hours to process.

If you choose Store Credit that amount will be available to you immediately.  The next purchase you make from the in-world store or the X5 Store will make use of that credit.

If you choose Cash you will receive your L$ as soon as we process the request.  The in your transaction history the payment will come from Javier Puff.  

You will receive a mail message to your Xcite! website mail account letting you know when the rebate has been fulfilled along with the details. 

If for any reason your rebate is rejected we will contact you and let you know the reason and what you need to do, if anything, to rectify the situation.

Returning to this web page will show you what rebates you are still eligible to request, and which ones have already been fulfilled.

Rebates should generally take less than 24 hours to complete.  During especially high volume periods (for example, right after we release a new model item) this may extend to 48 hours. If you sent us a request for rebate and have not heard back from us within 48 hours please send an in-world IM to Alexisnow so that we may track it down for you. Be sure to check your transaction history BEFORE contacting us to see if you received L$ from us (usually from Javier Puff or Alexisnow Resident) - it is always possible that you simply missed our response. 

Please note that the X4 Genitals rebate can apply only once, regardless of how many X4 Genitals you own.  The X5 Accessory rebate can only apply twice, regardless of how many X5 Accessories you buy.  The X5 Sound Pack rebate will apply for each X5 Sound Pack you purchase for which you have a corresponding previous X4 Sound Pack purchase.

If you attempt to return an X5 item for which you already received a rebate your refund amount will be pro-rated to reflect the rebate.

You may keep your X4 items to use or discard as you prefer. They will continue to work.

If we have questions about your purchases we will contact you directly before completing your trade in.

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