Owner Control Panel

IMPORTANT NOTE: This page is for those who use the original ToKon system, not ToKon2.

The control panel requires Java in order to run. Please make sure you have the latest version of Java installed into your browser. You can download java here.

Send A Message

You can also send a simple message to any slave using the web form below. You will still need to enter your avatar name and Xcite! website password, but this form allows you to send messages to other owners or slaves you do not own. It also does not require Java.

Please use this responsibly. If you are reported as using this for spam or for unsolicited messages, you will have your access to this functionality removed. This form can only be used to send messages between people who own slave HUDs or pro HUDs. Owning the freeware ToKon HUD is not sufficient

New Message

their avatar name
your avatar name
your password to this website

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