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The toys listed below on the left are Second Life virtual toys. You need at least one of these. The toys on the right are real life vibrators. You will also need a touch-compatible USB adaptor (from Harnett Tech or from DRMN) to plug the real life vibrator into.

While we can recommend the vibrators and accessories on the right, please understand that you will be purchasing a third party item from a third party website. We cannot warranty any of these items and if you have trouble with them, you will need to speak directly to the manufacturer or the store where you purchased it. Please note also that these are not the only items that can be used with the Touch system. With a little ingenuity, you can use other sex toys such as masturbation sleeves, silicone cock rings, or anything else built to accept a corded bullet style vibrator.

Second Life ToysReal Life Toys

Body Parts
Male X4 Genitals
Female X4 Genitals

X4 Remote Controlled Toys
X4 Cock Ring
X4 Ball Harness
X4 Clit Crystal
X4 Rabbit Vibrator
X4 G-Spot Vibrator
X4 Insertable Egg
X4 Standard Bullet
X4 Tapered Bullet
X4 Double Tap Bullet

Nipple Vibrators (for the X4 Nipples)
RC Nipple Vibrators

Anal Toys (for the X4 Ass)
Anal Bullet
Anal Egg
Ass Missle
Ring Master
Cock Vibrator
Rump Bumps
Remote Controlled Beads
Remote Controlled Bullet
Remote Controlled Ass Missle
Remote Controlled Jeweled Plug
Remote Controlled Cock Vibe
Remote Controlled Anal Plug

Control Panels
Control Panels (7 styles)

Other Remote Controlled Toys
Nipple Vibrators
Cock Vibrator
Anal Beads
Large Anal Plug
Medium Anal Plug
Anal Plug w/ Pony Tail
Anal Plug w/ Neko Tail

USB Interface (required)
Harnett Tech USB Motor Controller

Standard Bullets
Maxi Bullet Vibrator
Mini Bullet Vibrator
Silver Bullet Vibrator

The Sterling Collection
Silver Egg
Silver Bullet
Tiered Silver Bullet
Triple Tiered Silver Bullet
Slimline Silver Bullet
Mini Silver Bullet
Micro Silver Bullet
Velvet Slimline Bullet
Velvet Standard Bullet
Velvet Tiered Bullet
Velvet Mini Bullet
Velvet Micro Bullet

Bullet Sleeves
Sterling Sleeve Set
Blue Cow Sleeve (awesome)
Pure Romance Clitoral Sleeve

7 Inch Big Gun
9 Inch Big Gun

For Men (substitute a touch bullet for the included one)
Vibrating Cock Ring
The Adonis Pouch
The Rude Boys
The Triple Stimulator

3ft USB Extension Cable
6ft USB Extension Cable

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