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Hitching Gear
Country Style Hitching Post
The classic hitching beam, with three rope attachment points

Horse Head Hitching Post
The famous horse ring design, perfect for chaining up ponyboys or ponygirls

Tengwar Beam Hitching Post
Magical forces with glowing effects and the famous tengwar lettering make this magical hitching apparatus unique

Celtic Cross Hitching Post
Beautiful celtic design with a subtly glowing celtic cross adorning the top of the column

Grunge Hitching Post
Severely aged stone encrusted with who-knows-what...perfect for less savory places

Classic Column Hitching Post
Grand column design for austere and prestigious locales and mansions

Breakaway Notch Hitching Post
Stone base and offset wood tones works in just about any locale...inspired by the location of Xcite's main store

Goth Spiked Hitching Post
Serious attitude for any dark dungeon or sinister castle

Blue Magic Hitching Post
Glowing blue runes similar to the caves on Eventide North travel up the center of this magic apparatus

Lighted Column Hitching Post
Rough hewn stone column topped with a classic light fixture

Estate Column Hitching Post
Styled after the type of columns you might see on the grounds of a mansion

Rusty Barbed Wire Hitching Post
Similar to our barbed wire fence post, but aged and rusty


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