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Assorted Collars And Cuffs
ToKon Leather Collar
This tintable leather collar comes with all the fixins, including bell, lock and dynamic label

ToKon Leather Cuffs
Beautifully crafted set of leather cuffs, tintable with label, lock and bells

ToKon Leather Binders
Set of four leather binders for your biceps and thighs

ToKon Leather Belt
The matching belt to our leather set

ToKon Twisted Cable Collar
Standard twisted cable gets a new look in this smashing collar

ToKon Dominator X Collar
This fantastic looking collar features an open metal style through which skin can be seen

ToKon Twisted Cable Cuffs
Wrap some twisted cable around your limbs and show the world how twisted you really are

ToKon Black Posture Collar
This black collar will keep the head up and looking straight forward at all times

ToKon Dominator X Cuffs
Slightly thicker than the matching collar with three metal bands, heavily reinforced

ToKon Locked Chain Necklace
Looks like a necklace, acts like a collar.

ToKon Locking Cable Collar
Simple, elegant and thin. A classic and popular choice.

ToKon Rope Collar
If you'e ever seen real rope bondage, then you've seen this effect of multiple loops of rope...it's stunning

ToKon Rope Cuffs
Wrap rope around each limb of a slave, for a fit that's truly binding

ToKon Handcuffs
Just like the police use...only virtual!

ToKon White Posture Collar
Our white posture collar keeps their head up and straight and can be tinted to a wide variety of colors

ToKon Leather Strap Collar
Leather collar fixed with a stitched leather strap...a classic look that never goes out of style

ToKon Triple Ring Collar
Three rings of metal are symbolic in this classic Xcite! design

ToKon Spiral Collar
Classic design, breath-catching look with thin metal spirals all around

ToKon Cable Hasp Collar
Very very unique styling, for those who want to look unusual

ToKon Mesh Collar
Our classic mesh look, now available for ToKon

ToKon Cable Hasp Cuffs
A matching set of cuffs in one of our most unique styles

ToKon Heavy Metal Collar
Very thick, very strong, all heavy metal!


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