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Whip Marks
Leave a lasting impression with these clothing based whip marks

Signal Whip (metal handle)
A very high-tech handle beautifully offsets this low-tech pain toy.

Bullwhip (metal handle)
Modern design meets a classic toy in this beautiful 7 foot bullwhip.

Buggy Whip
Realistic and authentic, with sequential 'signal' cracks, designed for pony play

Bullwhip (leather handle)
The leather bullwhip featured a classic multicolored leather wrapped handle.

Signal Whip (leather handle)
Signal whips are for close up and finesse work. This whip features a beautiful leather handle.

Bullwhip (skull handle)
If the skull design on the handle doesn't drive fear into them, the 7 foot whip surely will.

Signal Whip (wood handle)
Our five foot signal whip, with a sculpted and polished wooden handle.

Bullwhip (wood handle)
This 7 foot bullwhip features a beautiful polished wooden handle.

Signal Whip (skull handle)
A five foot whip with the perfect handle for anyone who walks in the shadow.

Bullwhip (no handle)
Indiana Jones, eat your heart out.

Signal Whip (no handle)
This is the classic signal whip design, a five foot tail and a knotted end with a loop.


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