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Anal Toys
Anal Beads
Four anal beads attached to a solid ring. They vibrate and are sure to drive you wild going in and out!

Anal Bondage Hook
This toy is designed for extreme bondage...attach them to a wall with this and watch them squirm!

Peacock Anal Plug
Absolutely stunning...if you wish to capture attention, look no further than this plug

Small Anal Plug
An excellent training plug, the small size of this vibrating toy makes for a comfortable fit inside just about anyone

Medium Anal Plug
Our medium sized anal plug features a 5-speed vibrator and a bondage ring for chaining

Large Anal Plug
This anal plug is HUGE and designed to stretch them wide...not for casual play!

Horse Tail Anal Plug (black)
Our fantastic horse tail anal plug, colored in black for the dark stallions and fillies

Horse Tail Anal Plug (white)
A sculpted anal plug with a white horse tail, perfect for tinting to any color!

Horse Tail Anal Plug (blond)
A beautiful flexi blonde horse tail decorates this sculpted anal plug

Horse Tail Anal Plug (chestnut)
For the chestnut colored ponyboys and ponygirls out there, a beautiful tail attached to a sculpted anal plug.

Neko Tail Anal Plug (white)
Perfect for the neko of any type, this neko tail is attached to a vibrating anal plug designed to drive you wild.

Neko Tail Anal Plug (leopard)
The only thing wilder than a neko is a neko with a vibrating anal plug inside them!

Neko Tail Anal Plug (tiger)
Bring out the tiger in you with our anal plug with attached tintable tiger striped neko tail.

Dog Tail Anal Plug
Sculpted design, 5-speed vibrator, cute as hell...all we can say is WOOF!

Feathered Anal Plug
Tickle your fancy...and your insides...with this beautiful looking anal toy

Pig Tail Anal Plug
This sculpted pig tail, which is attached to an anal plug, is styled after a real life toy!

Fancy Tail Anal Plug
Advanced design meets anal toy...we guarantee you won't find a more unique plug anywhere else!

Anal Plug
Vibrating anal insertion toy

Anal Plug w/ Tail
Vibrating anal plug with a beautiful \'flexi\' horse tail


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