ToKon2 was designed from the ground up to be easy to use and fun. The new interface is packed with features and designed to look like a mobile app so that it's intuitive and efficient. You no longer need to remember text commands or navigate through seven layers of Second Life menus to control your submissive. Fire up ToKon2 on your tablet, phone or in the Second Life HUD and find out how we've put the fun back into BDSM play. Learn More >
You have a mobile lifestyle and you're not always in Second Life, but by using ToKon2 you can remain in contact with your submissives from anywhere in the world. Your commands and communication will flow right from your phone, tablet or computer to your submissives in Second Life instantly. And there's no limitations. If you can do it while logged into Second Life, you can do it from your phone. You won't find this anywhere but in ToKon2. Learn More >
When we designed ToKon2 with Restrained Love support, we had two goals: implement everything everyone could want and make it easy to use. You won't find cryptic commands or endless menus here. In fact, the most popular RLV features are so integrated into ToKon2 that you may not even realize you're using them. It's all part of our modern interface that works remotely, so you can teleport your submissive home and mount them on bondage furniture and lock them in place from anywhere in the world. Learn More >
By using the power of a web-based application that runs in browsers, mobile devices or in Second Life we've moved a lot of the resource use off of the inefficient Second Life servers and onto your computer or mobile device. That means a more dynamic interface and fewer scripts in Second Life to bog down your sim. In fact, ToKon2 uses roughly 1/3 the number of scripts that OpenCollar and the original ToKon had. Better interface and fewer scripts is the ultimate win/win.
Got a community? You'll love our groups which go way beyond guest owners. Create groups and fill them with people and add them to the access lists of submissives and dictate what they can and can't do all at once. You'll wonder how you ever did without it. Perfect for clubs, Gorean sims and escorts. Learn More >
The base system for owners and submissives is 100% free, allowing basic interaction between a single submissive and owner. Licenses to unlock more advanced parts of the system are just L$99 each. A package including all licenses is available for L$500. Collars and other gear are available separately. Buy Now! >