Thank you for purchasing the Xcite! X4 Feet!  We hope you enjoy your purchase.

This Knowledge Base contains all the documentation available for your Xcite! X4 Feet. Click through the categories to the left to find the material that will best answer your questions.  If this is your first time using an Xcite! X4 item it is recommended that you take a quick glance through the 'Before Your Get Started' category, as it will explain a few basic concepts that will make your X4 experience much smoother. If you are familiar with the Xcite! X4 line but this is the first time using your X4 Feet be sure to take a look at the material in the 'Getting Started' category, as it will likely answer most of the questions you might have initially. Here is what you will find in the different X4 Feet categories:

What's New and Different?

If you are familiar with Xcite! products but not with the X4 line this section will list some of the important improvements and new features included with the X4 Feet that may differ from what you are used to. 

Before You Get Started

This section outlines a handful of important concepts that are part of the core functionality of the X4 line of products.  Understanding these concepts will make it much easier to understand how all your X4 items work, and will result in a much more satisfying experience.

Getting Started

The information here is designed to assist you if this is the first time you are using your Xcite! X4 Feet, or if you are new to Xcite! products entirely. 

Basic Usage

The bulk of the major functionality is described here in detail. Information in this section will be of use to virtually every X4 Feet user.


One of the best features of your X4 Feet is the flexibility you have to make them act the way YOU want.  The Customization section includes exhaustive information about how to affect your X4 Feet and their functionality (chat settings, arousal speed, adding menu Actions, etc.)

Policies & Procedures

A section you find included in most product categories, this is where you will find out what Xcite! policies are regarding returns, trade-ins and lost items, as well as information on how to go about getting more help if you need it.

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