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Pleasure Bent Sculpture
Your body will automatically move on the stone phallus, a treat for both men and women.

The Offering Sculpture
A naked female submissive with her hands chained offers up her soul to you in this understated and erotic sculpture.

Well Hung (female) Statue
Suspend your favorite girl or boy from the hand of this beautiful statue.

The Seduction Sculpture
A voluptuous female form reclining sensually with her body on display for all to see.

Deep Tongue Sculpture
Allows one to sit supported by the hands while the stone tongue either penetrates a vagina or cradles a cock.

Male Impaler Sculpture
Impale males or females, makes a great addition to your kinky sim.

Well Hung (male) Sculpture
Dangle your slave from the hand of this incredibly masculine statue in six possible suspension positions.

Atlas Cage Sculpture
This version of Atlas holds up a cage within which you may place a person on display.

The Finger Sculpture
Allows you to mount or be mounted upon the extended digit.

Boys At Play
A very erotic sculpture featuring two beautifully shaped males wrapped around each other.

Star Male Impaler Sculpture

Perfect Form Sculpture
A woman rests her naked body on that of a male holding them both us by his arms.

Atlas Sculpture
This beautiful sculpture is our take on the atlas legend, holding up the Earth in his hands.

Disarmed Sculpture
Place your property on display in the palm of your hand with this oversized realistic hand sculpture.

A Humble Boy Sculpture
This sculpture features a beautiful boy in a very submissive pose with his hands and feet chained together


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