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Fun And Roleplay Furniture
Scrub Bucket
When it's time for chores, makes them actually work.

Peg Race
Try and insert the pegs as fast as you can. A kinky fantasy come true!

Wood Happy Stool
A stool with a secret, 100% mesh

Candelabrum Target
A single candle that can be lit at will and snuffed out with an accurate blow from a whip or flogger

Naughty Noob Target
This naughty noob says the most alarming and hilarious things when hit by your toys. Great fun!

Candelabra Target
A candelabra holding three candles that can be individually lit and snuffed with an Xcite! toy

Metal Happy Stool
Full metal stool with a dildo, excellent seating for your next business meeting

Bullseye Target
Check your accuracy or have a competition with these resizable bullseye targets

Asset Server
Inventory losses got you down? Beat the hell out of the asset server and feel better.

Grid Server
Ever wanted to take our your frustrations on the grid? Here's you chance.


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