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Getting Started With Xcite! Touch™
Touch is compatible with Macintosh computers and Windows 7. It is NOT compatible with Windows 8 due to changes in their handling of USB devices. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Ready to get started with Xcite! Touch? Ready to feel the real thing? Follow the steps below.

Step 1 : Buy one or more compatible virtual toys

Touch is all about connecting virtual toys and body parts with real life toys, so you'll need the virtual toy first. You may even already have one. All of our X4 body parts are touch compatible right out of the box, as are some of the addons and accessories. For a full list of the toys we sell that are compatible with Touch, you can click here to see them all.

Step 2 : Buy one or more compatible real toys

Now you'll need a real toy (or 2...or 3) to connect your virtual toys to. Almost any vibrator with a 2.5mm phono plug will work...they're not hard to find and you may already own one. If not, you can click here. You can also acquire sleeves or other accessories designed to work with a corded bullet to increase your fun!

Step 3 : Buy the USB adaptor

The USB adaptor is required to take your vibrator and connect it to your computer. Click here to order the latest compatible hardware from Harnett Tech (it's called a USB Motor Controller). If you have an older unit from DRMN, that will work too.

If you want to drive more than one vibrator, you'll need multiple motor controllers.

You may also wish to order a USB extension cable. The adaptor plugs directly into a USB port, so if you want to have some distance between you and your computer, an extension cable helps a lot. Amazon sells some, such as this one.

Step 4 : Download the Touch Application

You'll need to run an application on your computer alongside Second Life whenever using Touch. The application is free and downloaded right from our website. Click here to download the application, but make sure you're logged into our website first or it won't appear. If you've never logged into the Xcite! website before, just visit one of our in-world kiosks and reset your password and you'll be able to log in.

Step 5 : Have fun

Assuming you've done all the above (and it can take a bit of time to order and receive the hardware of course), you'll be ready to use Touch. Plug your vibrator into the USB adaptor and plug the adaptor into your computer. Run the Touch Application that you downloaded and sign in using your avatar name and your password to the Xcite! website. In Second Life, make sure you are wearing the body parts and/or toys that you wish to connect to the real life toy and make sure Touch is turned on in those items.

Now, whenever you or someone else plays with that body part or toy, the real life vibrator will respond.

Getting Help

Touch involves a lot of systems and hardware, so things might not work the first time. Don't worry, we're here to help. In fact, call on us before you call on the companies you ordered the vibrators or hardware from (chances are we'll be far more responsive anyway). We have ways to help you find out what's not working or what steps were skipped or how to proceed. Touch is a total blast and we want you to enjoy it.

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