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Xcite! Touch™ F.A.Q.

What are the requirements for touch?

Touch requires one or more touch enabled toys in Second Life, one or more real life toys and a compatible USB dongle, and the touch application which currently runs under Windows or MacOS.

How does touch work?

Touch syncs up your real life toy with a virtual toy, so that when the virtual toy begins vibrating, so does the real toy. This may include various controls such as a pattern of vibrations, strength of the vibrations, etc.

What Xcite! toys in Second Life are compatible with touch?

You can check out this list on our website or look for the touch icon on the toys in our stores.

What real life toys are compatible with touch?

Currently we are working with a product sold by a company called Harnett Technology Solutions. The product they sell, which is available here, is a USB adaptor with a 2.5mm phono plug, compatible with many different real life bullets, vibrators and similar devices. You'll need to order the USB adaptor and then buy one or more different types of vibrators and accessories that can plug into it. We have a full list on this page, on the right hand side.

What about product XYZ, a usb vibrator from company a?

We've yet to find any other usb driven vibrators that are controllable via software and are using an open specification. Most of the companies out there in this space are building proprietary and very expensive toys, two good reasons why we're using the solution above. If other companies decide to put out products that are reasonable and compatible, we'll of course support them in the future.

Can I use more than one vibrator?

Absolutely. For the first time, you can plug in up to four different vibrators into your computer (depending how many USB slots you have free), and they all can be driven independantly by different toys in Second Life.

Ok, if I buy a vibrator, how do I turn it on using Second Life?

Simple. You buy an Xcite! toy that is compatible with touch, and use the menus to turn the touch function on. You can run the touch application (available for free on our website) and then whenever the toy in Second Life is activated, your real life vibrator will imitate whatever happens to the toy in Second Life.

Is touch safe? Can people find out who I am?

Touch is very safe. All communications are encrypted. There's no way your identity can be discovered through this system outside of any normal risks associated with Second Life.

What are the system requirements for the Touch Application?

In order to use touch you must have one or more touch compatible Xcite toys in Second Life. You must also run an application on your computer to drive your vibrators. The system requirements for the operating systems are listed below:



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