Remote Control Kit/HUD

1 Equipping It

To use your Xcite! Remote Control HUD you must first equip it. To do this: Find it in your Inventory. If you have no idea where it may be in your Inventory type 'xcite' into the Search box at the top of your Inventory window, and all your Xcite! items should…

2 Adjusting It

Once you have equipped your Xcite! Remote Control HUD you may wish to adjust it's size or position on screen to suit your preferences. To fine tune the position on your screen: While wearing your Xcite! Remote Control HUD click on the word 'Menu' in the lower…

3 Basic Usage

Very Important: In order to use the Remote Control functionality in the Xcite! Vibrator the person wearing the Vibrator must have purchased the 'Xcite! Remote Control Kit'. This purchase includes the license that will allow them to enable and disable remote…

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