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Fantasy Collars And Cuffs
ToKon Celtic Collar
Etched celtic designs on stone, trimmed in metal. Simply stunning.

ToKon Celtic Cuffs
The matching set of four cuffs in the celtic engraved style

ToKon Celtic Binders
Set of four celtic binders for thighs and biceps

ToKon Celtic Belt
A beautiful bondage belt in the celtic style

ToKon Turian Collar
A simple band of hardened steel...bold and elegant.

ToKon Tengwar Collar
Heavy gold collar, forged in secret in the fires of a big evil volcano, truly 'one of a kind'

ToKon Turian Cuffs
A matching set of 4 cuffs in the Turian style

ToKon Laced Leather Collar
Perfect for a tribal or elven slave, this etched laced collar is striking in form and design

ToKon Tengwar Cuffs
Solid gold cuffs with fiery lettering in some ancient and evil script...which we will not utter here

ToKon Laced Leather Cuffs
Etched leather is laced together with leather lacing to create four form fitting cuffs

ToKon Tattered Tribal Collar
'Rough it' in this tattered collar, perfect for tribes and 'less civilized' slaves

ToKon Magic Light Collar
Magic light dances around the neck of the slave, a binding more magical than mechanical

ToKon Tattered Tribal Cuffs
A set of four rough hewn cuffs, ideal for the slave in the wild

ToKon Magic Light Cuffs
Magic light beams around the wrists whirl in a fantastical frenzy

ToKon Magic Light Belt
Light dances around the waist of the slave, glowing and pulsing

ToKon Magic Light Binders
Weave a spell of lust with these magical binders for the biceps and thighs


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