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About The Xcite! Partner Program
The Xcite! Partner Program enables builders of a variety of sex-related items to incorporate Xcite! compatibility into their products. Xcite!-compatible Partner products affect arousal and chastity in the Xcite! genitals just like official Xcite! items do, making them much more useful and attractive to your own and Xcite! customers. The Partner Scripts are extremely flexible, allowing them to be useful in a wide variety of items and giving builders a great deal of control over just how Xcite!-functionality operates in their specific items. Find out how the Xcite! Partner program can benefit your business!

Why should I make my items Xcite! compatible?

As Second Life's most popular sexual system, Xcite! has a large customer base that is always looking for new and interesting ways to enhance their in-world sexual experience. Making your items Xcite! compatible makes them much more valuable to a very large number of people who are already interested in the sexual side of their Second Life.

What kind of functionality does Xcite!-compatibility include?

Using the Xcite! Partner Scripts you will be able to: As an Xcite! Partner you will also have the option to use the ToKon Partner Kit, which will allow you to create restraints, collars, and other items that work with the ToKon system. ToKon functionality includes: Finally, you will also receive the scripts and instructions needed to make your items valid ChainAnywhere target devices.

As new functionality is made available in the Xcite! system you will automatically receive updates to these scripts so that you can take advantage of the latest and greatest from Xcite!.

Is there any cost to join the Xcite! Partner Program?

There is no cost to join, and Xcite! takes no profit from any Partner item.

Why do I have to join a Program? Why not just give the scripts to anyone?

Xcite! cares about its customers, and we consider it to be our responsibility to protect them when we can from griefers and abusers who would use freely available Partner Scripts to create devices to harass and annoy, rather than enhance and entertain. As such, Xcite! will distribute Partner Scripts only to serious verifiable merchants/builders.

There are benefits to working cooperatively as well. Xcite! Staff will assist you with your implementation regarding issues surrounding the use of the Partner Scripts. All Partners also become featured on our Partner Website, where visitors to the Xcite! store and website can search for specific Xcite! compatible items, learn about your business and get a landmark to your shop. As a Partner you will receive an invitation to sell your items at the Marketplace on Eventide Island - a shopping center designed to bring together the greatest concentration of Xcite!-compatible gear in Second Life directly adjoining the main Xcite! sim, making it very easy for Xcite! customers to find your items. Finally, Xcite! Staff can recommend your products to customers when they ask where they can get specific types of items.

What do I need to do the get the process started?

First, you'll need to sign into the website, if you've not already done so. If you don't have a password yet for this site, you'll need to visit one of our kiosks within Second Life and click the 'Reset Password' button.

Once signed into the website, click here to begin the application process.

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