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Goth Collars And Cuffs
ToKon Spiked & Studded Collar
At home in the darkest dungeon, this goth collar features quite a few metal decorations

ToKon Boned Female Outfit
Thong, chest and thigh pieces, all designed to look like skeletal hands. The thong penetrates in both places for a female...ver

ToKon Boned Collar
Feel the grip of the undead around your neck and you'll know what true submission is

ToKon Boned Cuffs
Set of four cuffs that look like a skeletal hand is gripping your limbs!

ToKon Dungeon Irons Cuffs
Is there anything sexier than a set of heavy steel manacles around the limbs of a slave?

ToKon Spiked & Studded Cuffs
Spikes and studs give this set of four cuffs its name in a classic gothic style

ToKon Dungeon Irons Collar
Nothing says 'I Love You' like some serious heavy duty steel around the neck

ToKon Boned Male Outfit
Thong, chest and thigh pieces for a male. Skeletal look. Thong penetrates the anus. A very very erotic look.

ToKon Goth Spiked Collar
Careful who you hug when wearing this collar!

ToKon Goth Spiked Cuffs
Giant spikes add a huge amount of attitude to these cuffs, but may interfere when playing piano


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