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Chastity Chain

What Is It?

The Xcite! X4 Chastity Chain is a chastity piercing built to be used in conjunction with most X4 Vagina shapes. A row of chain links is embedded in both sides of the outer labia and then connected to each other by another row of chain links between them. This links the outer labia together and blocks the vagina opening, resulting in effective chastity. When you put on/take off the X4 Chastity Chain it will trigger the 'Chastity On' and 'Chastity Off' Events if you have them set up. While wearing the X4 Chastity Chain your arousal will not increase over 2% and your X4 Vagina will never be able to reach the 'open' state, either manually or via arousal increases. Orgasm is disabled while the X4 Chastity Chain is on.

The X4 Chastity Chain can be put on and locked by your Owner, if you have one, and can be recolored using the X4 HUD Color Picker.  It is not meant to be worn with many other X4 Genitals accessories as it will conflict visually with many of them and may interfere with the normal operation of others (insertable vibrators, for example.)

How to Buy the Chastity Chain

Purchasing the Chastity Chain is very easy:

  1. Visit the X4 Genitals room in the Xcite! shop.
  2. If you already have a set of X4 Genitals and an X4 Shape you do not need to purchase them again, so skip that part.  If you do not already have a set of X4 Genitals and X4 Shape you will need to purchase them, so be sure to add them to your shopping cart.
  3. In the Accessories section of the store you will find the Chastity Chain vendor.  Add it to your shopping cart.
  4. When you are done adding items to your shopping cart move over to the 'View Cart - Check Out' kiosk in the center of the room, right click on it, and check the contents of your shopping cart.  Be sure what you want is in there, and make note of the total price. 
  5. Right click and 'Pay' the kiosk the amount listed for your shopping cart.  If you fail to pay the right amount your money will be returned and you will be alerted to this.  Be sure to check the amount you need to pay when viewing your cart.
  6. When you have paid you will be handed a notecard that explains how to load your new items onto your X4 Genitals. Please note that your Xcite! X4 Chastity Chain will NOT be delivered to you as an object in your Inventory.  It will be delivered directly to your Configuration webpage so that you may Sync it directly onto your X4 Genitals without having to manually install it. For Information on how to load and Sync your new X4 Chastity Chain read below.

Loading your Chastity Chain Onto your X4 Genitals

  1. Click the 'Sync' button on the main window of your X4 HUD.
  2. Click the 'Configure' button on the Sync window.
  3. Load the webpage that is presented in either your SL browser window or an external browser.
  4. Click the 'Configuration' link on the Configure webpage.
  5. Decide which Profile you want to load this new add-on into and from the drop-down menu next to that Profile name select 'Appearance'.  Please note that your current active Profile (the one that will load the next time you Sync) is the one with the green checkmark next to it. If you need more information on Profiles, check here.
  6. The Chastity Chain will be listed in the 'Vagina Piercings & Accessories' section near the bottom of the Appearance page.  Click the button next to Chastity Chain in the list.  
  7. If you are also loading a new Shape at this time you will notice that when you select a new Shape the Appearance page will reload, and some of the items in other categories may change state - meaning some may become greyed out, and others may switch to not being greyed out. You will want to check down the list of your options on this page to make sure that you don't have any add-ons selected that are greyed out - greyed out add-ons are not compatible with the shape you have selected and will not be loaded onto your X4 Genitals.  This is most important for skins.
  8. When you are done making changes click the 'Apply Changes' button at the bottom of the page. If there is a problem with any of the items you have selected you will be presented with a red text warning alerting you to this.  Go back and make whatever changes you need to rectify these issues.

If you wish to load this new Add-On into your X4 Genitals immediately click to place the green checkmark next to the Profile you just made changes to, and then sync in-world.  Otherwise, your new Add-On is now saved in that Profile ready to be used at your discretion.

Putting It On / Taking It Off

You can use the Hide/Show feature to simulate 'putting on' and 'taking off' your Chastity Chain once it is loaded onto your X4 Genitals:

  1. Click the 'My Body' button on the main window of your X4 HUD.
  2. Click the genitals region on the paper doll on the My Body window.
  3. Click the 'Hide/Show' button on the next window.
  4. From the list on the left side of the Hide/Show window click the Chastity Chain.  When the name is in white text it will be showing.  When the name is in grey text it will be hidden.

Please note that if your Owner has locked the Chastity Chain on (if the name appears as red text in the Hide/Show window) you will not be able to Hide it using your X4 HUD.

Using It

To use your Chastity Chain simply put it on using the Hide/Show window in your X4 HUD. The chastity effect will begin as soon as it is put on. Please note that the chastity effect will only be active when the Chastity Chain is loaded on your X4 Genitals AND visible.  It will not work if you have your Chastity Chain hidden.

If you have an Owner set for your X4 Genitals they will have complete access to your Chastity Chain.  They will be able to:

  • load it onto your X4 Genitals
  • lock it onto your X4 Genitals so that you cannot take it off
  • put it on and take it off you on the fly using the 'Hide/Show' button in the 'Options' menu of your X4 Genitals

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